Brief history of my nerdiness

It was nearing the end of nineteen eighty-eight when I was placed in front of an Apple ][e computer. Mind you, I had recently broke my neck and relied on a wheelchair to ambulate out of the bedroom. Nevertheless, not being one to sit around and watch the television, I had decided to learn everything that I could about these unprecedented fruit machines. The occupational therapist, at the rehab hospital where I was residing, had fashioned a mechanical pincher of sorts, that would allow me to have a pinch between my thumb and my index finger. With this gadget, I could pick up those huge floppy disks, that it took in order to get this beast of a machine up and running. Be it a typing tutor or an most elite word processor, it always took at least two floppies to get the ][e booted up and running. I soon tired of the limited applications that were available for this machine at the hospital. It wasn't long until the nurses entrusted me with their Macintosh. This machine really struck my fancy. It had a simple GUI, you could place a clock on your desktop, drag a file to the trash and delete it. Man, this was something that I could spend some time learning what made this machine operate. I was always one to tinker with old transistor radios and such. As a young lad, my parents purchased a radio shack project kit for me. Other than getting an am radio to play, I don't recall any other projects that I completed.